Wednesday, August 5, 2009

From Twitter 08-04-2009

  • 09:28:03: tastytrixie: Mysteriously, our alarm went off an hour too early. And almost all of our cams discoed (short 4 disconnected?) at some point in the night.
  • 10:03:31: tastytrixie: Going to get some cardio (that means jiggly exercise) -- I'll be logging in a spycam, voyeurs!
  • 11:52:01: tastytrixie: Going to another one of these civil rights-y meetings & to pick up some birth control pills.
  • 14:51:08: tastytrixie: It's hysterically funny for me to be in the role of the moderate who doesn't want to alienate right-wingers from a cause. Must be done, tho.
  • 18:23:42: tastytrixie: Holy fuck . . . did that half-a-cheese-curd sample at the store really wreak this much havoc on my guts? Retch . . .
  • 21:54:07: tastytrixie: My life would be so much richer and EASIER if I didn't have to be afraid of the legal & social implications of saying what I do/who I am.
  • 22:06:14: tastytrixie: @reptilegrrl I'm following you because I like you, feel like I know you from online discussions & you've contributed comments to my blog.
  • 22:18:04: tastytrixie: I first heard Art of Noise - Moments in Love thanks to a mix on cassette from my gay pen pal in high school. Se... &#266B;
  • 22:20:01: tastytrixie: Ugh -- accidentally blipped the WRONG version. THIS is the good one: &#266B;
  • 22:23:58: tastytrixie: One of my fave 80's songs: Naked Eyes - When the Lights Go Out (& the vid totally captures that little fad made... &#266B;
  • 22:29:57: tastytrixie: My favorite David Bowie song: Sound and Vision (I also love Rebel, Rebel & others, but this one feels personal). &#266B;
  • 23:26:00: tastytrixie: Oooh, there is good news in my inbox . . . good for me, but even better for you. Surprise for later.
  • 23:28:12: tastytrixie: @peacetara Maybe like, "that's a real hooker" like, you're really hooked/snagged on the horns of a dilemma?

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