Wednesday, May 11, 2011

From Twitter 05-10-2011

  • 08:52:06: There's just WAY too much chatter going on in our house this morning. Shouldn't be too long & my mom will go home & blessed silence returns.
  • 09:54:30: Brilliant - everything TV should be about. I love you Xena!! (Xena: Warrior Princess S01E05 via @gomiso)
  • 09:57:04: Fell asleep watching this last night - what I saw was great, though! (Collapse: Based on the Book by Jared Diamond)
  • 12:13:43: Picking out some trashy bodystockings to buy for @DeliaTS to shoot in because she's so slutty and magnificent in them!
  • 18:10:38: Been looking forward to watching this . . . (watching Up The Yangtze via @gomiso)
  • 23:11:17: Enjoying donuts, Ativan & the smell of my pussy on my fingers while I watch this. Now that's what I call a day off!...

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