Saturday, April 9, 2011

From Twitter 04-08-2011

  • 06:44:20: RT @amberlily: - Good Morning, Happy Friday Dance!
  • 06:50:02: RT @audaciaray: Why don't police care when sex workers disappear? great piece in NY Times (w/ nice Red Umbrella Project shoutout) http:/ ...
  • 11:47:36: We have SHOWS today & Saturday, 4 pacific/7 eastern for me & 5 pacific/8 eastern for @DeliaTS !
  • 13:57:18: Fuck the Republicans, for this & so much more: (link via @polybi2 ): House votes to repeal regs on Internet access
  • 18:51:00: Having some food & body image & allergy issues today. Going to engage in mini-binge in bed. Not proud of it & know it's counter-productive.
  • 19:02:42: Basically I need to spend more time with the real beauty of regular people my age & older in real life, less looking at sexy photos online.
  • 19:03:44: Oooh, I'm excited to see Hannah - thanks for the twitter review, @sashayman !
  • 23:45:33: Looking hot as always! Hugs to you, @christianxxx1 from @DeliaTS & I.

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