Monday, April 4, 2011

From Twitter 04-03-2011

  • 01:13:23: I don't know where people are getting idea that 2257 automatically makes porn performers' id's & personal info googleable. It does not.
  • 01:14:50: Yes, 2257 makes us more vulnerable to our privacy being compromised but you can comply with 2257 without making that info available online.
  • 07:21:01: @GOtrixieracerGO Didn't see you there (my follow notifications don't come through to my email so I never know 'til someone @s me) - hi!
  • 07:21:48: Oh the birds wake Trixie up so early when she doesn't wear her earplugs and make her tweet in third person like a weirdo.
  • 07:24:28: @reptilegrrl The place of biz/custodian of records thing is trickier but the goons said you could put a lawyer's address instead of home.
  • 10:23:50: At the cabin right now, loving life, trusting my happiness, untethered from fear and urgency. Surrounded by books, birds, beauty & comfort.
  • 10:41:59: Lately all roads lead to Whitman. Walt, mostly. Via Stoker, Wilde, Miller, and other related scribblers & admirers.
  • 11:48:53: Just watched porn vids on my still-new smartphone for the 1st time & came thrice. Gay daddy bj's & self-sucking WIN!
  • 15:42:10: Hate to admit I came to a free tube site from googling "gay daddy blowjob" followed by "self suck", @LadyErisiana .
  • 15:46:37: My partner IS a tranny (, @moktal - beware your own face, dipshit. Also? You don't understand the self-sucking concept.
  • 15:49:28: So you're saying you're NOT turned on by self-suckers @AaliyahLove69 ? I can't imagine! It gets me every time (unless the guy's too skinny).
  • 15:54:50: My phone is an HTC Inspire, @SugaKaneSteve - 8 megapixel camera, android OS (so I can enjoy flash, particularly live cams), etc. It's great!
  • 16:53:01: "Beware the faces" of trannies wasn't an insult, @moktal ? Don't tell me to "chill". Apologize! Sorry to be harsh, but listen to yourself!
  • 17:24:36: Oh god come on FOX13 News; I'm a Pierce County gal & I want to know the NAMES of those folks shot in Roy! I mighta fucked one of them dudes!
  • 20:03:08: Had a long and lovely phone talk with @AmberLily - thanks for calling and pepping me up!

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