Friday, March 11, 2011

From Twitter 03-10-2011

  • 10:00:43: Got some stuff shot last night, nothing destined to be FAVES though. Still worth it, I hope. Going to try again this morning!
  • 12:16:01: I should REALLY be taking more plumper pics on purpose because I've got the apron of fat & rolls & chubby face going ON these days!
  • 12:17:10: Note: that is not a put-down of myself. It's just hard for me to conform to one niche standard of body size. In other pics I look slender.
  • 13:23:44: I seem to be in a really good mood when I take my birth control pill in the morning instead of before going to sleep.
  • 13:29:30: So when I try to take plumper pics on purpose, then I don't look plump ENOUGH. Just sort of all . . . out of proportion.
  • 14:44:12: Sometimes it kind of freaks me out, how many people have seen my hole where the poop comes out. Total strangers on the internet. Bizarre.
  • 14:47:07: I'm listening to "Passion" by Hot Club Of Detroit ( #pandora - and so many other good tunes!
  • 15:26:46: With the addition of my chins, I sometimes look like Dig'em the Honey Smacks frog in certain pictures. But what can you do . . .
  • 20:36:17: Narrowing down a fresh set of pictures I just edited and hope to post tonight, but probably tomorrow AM.
  • 22:33:58: The Spring Green Daisy Panties gallery is now ready for members; does it inspire new growth in you?
  • 23:48:06: Bought a present for my bday I might regret: a smartphone & data plan w/tethering for possible roving cam (& ruination at the cabin).

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