Thursday, November 18, 2010

From Twitter 11-17-2010

  • 00:18:06: Want to listen to the jazz we're dork dancing to while you watch us on our spycams? (sorry I'm late posting it).
  • 00:39:01: Love this: down economy gives rise to underground dining:
  • 16:03:53: RT @DeliaTS: Well I did manage to post a new video for members last night even if most of my older content still is down.
  • 16:05:43: Our calendar is still up & link to watch the shows @cenouci &spycams: (4 members).
  • 16:11:00: Saving copies of some of our blog posts using google cache. #boring
  • 16:59:22: Fuck. I forgot about some g-rated friend/family sites we have that I need to fix RIGHT AWAY so not connected to our porn. FuckFUCKME.
  • 18:36:33: I would love to be shooting video of me masturbating with one of my giant new veiny dildos. But I must do this goddamn rebuilding instead.
  • 19:21:04: HOPEFUL NEWS: it was broken parts / mechanical prob that caused the drive to fail so the data recovery people are hopeful.
  • 21:07:41: Copying our members-only areas (all our videos, photo galleries, etc.) onto a drive to overnight back to host to restore for you guys.

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