Wednesday, November 10, 2010

From Twitter 11-09-2010

  • 11:59:10: @LadyErisiana I would love to hear the answer to that. Been tempted to experiment but don't want to compromise my eating time anyway.
  • 18:58:31: Nice commentary on withholding health care/letting people die. (watching Star Trek: Voyager S07E05 via @gomiso)
  • 19:02:33: Lots to love, lots to loathe about another season finally available via Netflix . . . Jason Beghe... (Californication)
  • 19:34:27: Trying to post non-porn pics in my blog within a week of shooting them. Otherwise their relevance molders.
  • 19:51:28: Oh for FUCK'S sake. Just read a few more long-ass yet ultimately inane #fauxho blog entries. People do not GET IT.
  • 20:02:26: Learned: stuffing handful after handful of shredded cabbage into my mouth to deal with intense aggravation is really helpful!

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