Thursday, September 16, 2010

From Twitter 09-15-2010

  • 00:01:04: I decided to have a sleeping pill WITH a *small* amount of caffeine. I am now in a fantastic mood. Too good to waste it on SLEEP!
  • 00:09:26: There aren't a lot of options where we live @joepennant & T-1 is too pricey for us. I keep looking but find nothing better than we have.
  • 09:28:31: Bringing assorted shower fixings (towels, shampoo, lotion, soap, etc.) to the cabin because there's a nice rainy showerhead there.
  • 09:36:58: Dear Chase: pretending that your site is back up for online banking is even more annoying than it just be down.
  • 09:39:17: Sometimes I give very serious consideration to going an off-the-grid, under-the-mattress banking system. Someday . . .
  • 11:27:14: The only real problem with this cabin is the way all this SUNSHINE comes in even on days you expect total grey. LOLLOLLOL I'm a lucky bitch!
  • 11:28:32: Okay, I need to stop masturbating and crying over good music and get some work done.
  • 11:32:17: Oh wait, best song ever came on: "so I HADDA play football for the coach / and I WANNA play football for the coach!"
  • 11:36:59: Different people have peculiar tastes, indeed. I'll second that for sure. I love you, Coney Island baby. Harvey Milk: you're ok too.
  • 17:32:02: Super duper thankful for Russian Caravan tea for giving me the caffeine to concentrate & crank out pages & pages today. Home now. Fluffy.
  • 19:26:18: Lovely gypsy-esque trailer:
  • 21:25:11: I am behind on almost everything & for once I don't care. Because it's worth it. And I know it this time.
  • 22:12:51: Love this from @minasmusings "Women of all ages are hot. And there is nothing wrong with you finally realizing that."
  • 22:31:08: Haaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy, we want some poooooooooding!
  • 22:32:59: @Fatty_D Oh NO! How am I going to masturbate to him now? At least it's not as bad as Tina Fey; he's really insulting reality shows, not porn
  • 22:34:27: The funny part to me, @Fatty_D , is that he/his character IS porn to most chicks & lots of dudes who watch Mad Men. Really GOOD NN porn.
  • 23:17:53: @Fatty_D Yeah, that is fucked up. I do think reality show people sell their dignity, though, but equating that with porn is wrong.

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