Monday, August 9, 2010

From Twitter 08-08-2010

  • 13:21:25: It's approaching exercise-time for me. Nearly naked cardio on cam, but I put (some)clothes back on for stretching.
  • 14:35:52: I love how I weigh the same amount as in May (120 lbs) but my hips have gotten narrower while my waist has increased by 2 inches. Damn gut.
  • 15:05:01: One reason (out of many)why Sirius fucking SUCKS ass:
  • 15:30:59: Oh ROALD, you old dashing (dead) dog, you! I definitely want to read that one. I always pictured him a filthy slob.
  • 16:46:03: True! RT @Volfie99: @tastytrixie I was watching, too, I was watching too! :) You just can't keep your hands off Delia's boobs, can you...:)
  • 18:19:30: Continuing to get inspiration from Approach to crafting a quality program: @heartsofspace is WORTH $$!
  • 18:57:25: Ack! Discovered @AmberLily's site was down after our move; they just updated the DNS so it should be up SOON!
  • 19:07:27: Awww, my wanker must be feeling "romantic" . . . he seems to want to pay me to celebrate (one of) our anniversaries!
  • 19:25:53: Just tried to use to back up all my tweets but it only grabbed back to September 6th of last year. Thoughts?

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