Tuesday, June 29, 2010

From Twitter 06-28-2010

  • 09:04:16: Oops . . . I was so tired last night I forgot to finish logging in some of our cams. All is well now, though, except I'm still so tired.
  • 09:49:38: Sweet sweet Jesus I am not a morning person so when your dog chases my car down the street & "welcomes" me I'm quite frazzled.
  • 09:56:10: Was almost worth the hassle of being out of creamer, though, to force me into the perfect morning air. Cool moisture & greyness.
  • 10:28:17: More exciting than my morning complaints = preview of @DeliaTS photo set in red thigh highs, bra & strappy white heels: http://is.gd/d7V00
  • 10:43:45: Dear domain registrar: why the fuck are you wasting my time telling me my credit card is about to expire when IT IS NOT??? Until 2012!!!
  • 11:17:51: Our sites seem to be loading really slowly suddenly so I'm calling our hosting company.
  • 11:20:11: Okay, they're loading fast again. I didn't wait on the phone to find out what was up, if anything.
  • 11:22:08: My stomach ties in knots when I read the stupid stuff people are saying about dumbass .xxx - people don't get that it's highway robbery.
  • 11:30:21: Are you coming to our webcam shows and/or members-only chat today? http://trixieandfriends.com/2010/06/webcam-shows-chat-2/
  • 15:31:14: I "needed" those orgasms in my show but I am totally drained now. Want a three hour nap, but can't: members-only chat coming up top of hour!
  • 18:46:31: I managed to stay awake to go to the grocery store, but not sure I can make it through dinner prep & actually eating.
  • 18:48:58: Q: what would YOU do if your new tub of hemorrhoid pads had a 3/4 inch breach in the security seal? Is someone trying to poison my asshole?
  • 19:02:30: Love delighting you with ass-oriented tweets @AaliyahLove69 And yup; @DeliaTS does have her own twitter account: http://twitter.com/deliats
  • 20:15:27: Whoah . . . I'm in love with these custom booty babe statues: http://www.bootybabeart.com/Custom1NEWpg.htm
  • 21:33:50: I feel misrepresented by my own sad sack blog posts some times: http://tastytrixie.com/anxiety/june-moon-pic-2 Plus side: MOON PIC!

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