Saturday, June 26, 2010

From Twitter 06-25-2010

  • 07:06:43: Having some problems sleeping (to put it mildly). All night long. Really Disturbed dreams, itching all over and . . . yeah. Sigh.
  • 11:04:02: @curiousboyCA The "yeah" is I feel slightly mentally insane. I think I can fix it with eating better and exercising again though.
  • 11:17:09: @jacksonb702 No sunburn or residual sand ... I think it might be from eating too much sugar/carbs, not enough vit. B, hormones or allergy.
  • 11:18:42: Took an ativan to get some sleep back. Apparently I'm just insane because the anti-anxiety med makes me stop feeling itchy. Embarrassing.
  • 11:21:01: My day may need to officially start a little later, but after some bfast & a few more Zzzz's I am going to DOMINATE this fucking Friday!
  • 11:29:16: FYI: the creation of the .XXX domain suffix SUCKS REALLY HARD for people like us with adult sites. Mandating an expensive porn ghetto.
  • 11:30:43: For small porn biz owners like me & @DeliaTS with lots of domains, it will cost thousands of $s we don't have just to protect our names.
  • 14:01:08: The deer in our yard are fearless. yes, my robe is a shade of brown, but I am not one of you and you should PROBABLY run.
  • 14:24:29: @heatheroffduty LOL - rad! Ours are only distant peninsula-people stories, anyway; island trumps all! Enjoy some full moon this weekend!
  • 20:58:24: Been trying to get more familiar with gmail since I'm trying to convert to using it more. I worry about privacy but . . . meh.
  • 21:30:52: Posted some very cute see-through panty pics as a thank you & preview of more to come for member who gifted me:
  • 22:03:49: Our main net connection took a dive a few minutes ago. On hold with them now.
  • 23:18:38: Went for a beautiful nighttime walk with patches of moonlight. Came home to cable still being out so only 3 of our spycams are up for now.

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