Sunday, April 11, 2010

From Twitter 04-10-2010

  • 10:21:31: I have a show coming up at 1pm DST pacific (in about 2.5 hours). Trying to decide between getting more sleep, exercise, and showering.
  • 11:32:03: Too cold & sleepy in our bedroom to take off my clothes & stand in a shower so I'm opting for dry shampoo & a hot bath.
  • 12:10:54: Looking at stock photos and arrow graphics and stuff for potential assorted projects, redesigns, etc.
  • 12:27:42: Time is ticking away for my show to start in 30 minutes and I still haven't pooped. Makes proceeding with bath counterproductive.
  • 13:26:44: MY PERIOD JUST STARTED: about to masturbate in my show RIGHT NOW RED & MESSY:
  • 13:38:22: READY TO FUCKING KILL. Finally about to masturbate which I *need* and our cable goes out again. I fucking give up.
  • 13:56:47: About our shows today and cable going out:
  • 15:59:18: Woot! Our connection is back up, spycams all logged back in and members-only chat about to begin:
  • 16:00:10: I? I am going to be chatting from bed with my hot water bottle, flannel moon pad, and Cherry Dr. Pepper (a crime against nature).
  • 16:04:54: Quick entry into chatroom delayed due to Firefox update and Java update/install. Cursing & shaking my fist!!
  • 20:26:42: I'm totally in love with the thick sturdiness of our newest tabletop tripod. Too bad it's in permanent employ now on nightvision spycam.
  • 23:20:14: Been studying up on chroma key thinking it's time we started making really cheesy videos with really cheesy animated backgrounds. NAKED!

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