Saturday, November 14, 2009

From Twitter 11-13-2009

  • 12:02:20: Having all our spycam thumbnails on SOY be inaccurate this morning is definitely salt in our wounds. I'll say (bitch?)no more.
  • 13:11:57: I'm feeling pretty great today - calm & looking forward to the work on my list and webcam shows & chat later.
  • 14:36:04: Logged in the anywhere cam to get some exercise before showering & getting ready to be orgasmic on cam later.
  • 15:02:04: @ericofthedead Yes, our spycams do require a membership -- thanks for asking! I need to do a better job of explaining that in tweets.
  • 15:02:41: Had to laugh at my boobs popping out of my shot sports bra while I was jumping around doing my exercises.
  • 16:03:15: We're on our office cams & in members-only chat:
  • 16:21:53: Argh . . . just noticed my main WebWhoreHQ cam with audio disconnected. Sigh -- reconnecting now.
  • 19:20:53: Our connection has been SO SLOW. Hoping to get my members-only update uploaded with time to reset everything before @DeliaTS show.
  • 19:26:32: - What I'm wearing in my camshow in 90 minutes (got ready early to record vlog).
  • 20:32:30: @Mia I can't think of anything like that, but maybe I said something about . . . something? That sounded like that? Wish I knew . . .
  • 22:05:08: Another boobie pic of me: (not sure why it wasn't pulled over by twitter: any sexypeek users know?)
  • 22:26:41: I had to suck down anti-inflammatories and whine for @DeliaTS to make me coffee during me show as a migraine loomed. Now feeling very funny.
  • 22:28:42: FYI: listening to Sax Gordon during my show made me feel very, very SAXY! (I know, I'm such a dorky old man with my pepperoni & word plays).
  • 23:48:41: So what if I I cried tears of victorious joy watching a young woman win on Jeopardy?!?

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