Monday, November 22, 2010

From Twitter 11-21-2010

  • 10:14:31: Eating junk food & a sleeping pill, revisiting one of the best tv shows ever (but also rememberin... (The Office (UK))
  • 11:10:01: Started watching this last night. Delightful, of course! (watching Cranford Chronicles via @gomiso)
  • 12:19:27: Feeling self-conscious about needing more sleep and dead time, so if bedroom cams are dark it's so I can hide as I recuperate.
  • 12:29:52: Disregard; I won't cloak the cams. Instead I took some Ativan so I won't imagine/worry/care if people think I'm being a lazy blob.
  • 12:31:47: And @DeliaTS is providing entertainment on the parlor cam doing cardio / her fave Jillian Michaels workout.
  • 13:26:57: Writing to my sister to see if she's serious about coaching me since she knows how to deal w/my & others' learning/coping deficits.
  • 14:28:39: I really need to watch an old, dark friend right now. Stirs up so many memories of being... (The Silence of the Lambs)
  • 17:14:46: Follow the adventures of Pocket Edward if you're a Twilight fan or like local marketing ploys:
  • 18:16:22: If I had more loose meat, baked goods, fizzy beverages & some gravy I could really kick this binge off proper.
  • 18:42:04: I know it would be healthier for me to get therapeutic touch/massage than binge & drug, but this is cheaper/more convenient/longer lasting.
  • 18:43:54: Note: I have only taken 1 mg of Ativan today and an ambien last night so don't worry, it's very little/much healthier than boozing.
  • 19:43:44: Reading stuff like this makes me think some people don't even know what "objectified" means:
  • 20:42:16: I just came watching some really hot action on another couple's voyeur cams. Somehow really exciting when live like that & no sound.
  • 20:48:20: Followed by another orgasm watching guy fucking his fleshlight. It's the best when they talk to it ("ooh, you're so tight!", etc.).
  • 20:49:28: I'm really glad I happened to catch you in action, @Rachel_Anne_XXX - thanks for the orgasm! I came when you were blowing him.
  • 21:11:04: If you want to see my list of go-to vids I masturbate to click here: (in left column under favorites).
  • 21:23:40: I need more vids of dudes "washing" their cocks and balls and shooting their loads into the sink. Preferably a non-white sink. For contrast.
  • 21:38:03: I think I'm done masturbating after watching vids of one dude using MEGA BIG toys stretch his massively abused anus out to toilet lid size.
  • 22:45:30: Oh pleasepleaseplease let that car I hear approaching be @DeliaTS bringing home some snackydoodles!!

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