Sunday, November 21, 2010

From Twitter 11-20-2010

  • 12:19:57: Errors on my site are from files needing to be moved around, I think. Been on phone with tech support. As soon as fixed more content.
  • 12:25:19: It's the 7th day. But there is no day of rest in sight. I'm so glad I took a pill last night to at least get enough sleep.
  • 12:44:22: Phew! They fixed it. My members-only area is working again, with all the photo galleries and some of the videos restored!
  • 13:54:39: Point of Clarification: no, this wasn't the BIG fix. I'm just saying enough of our members-only areas have been rebuilt as to function.
  • 14:16:29: We won't know until maybe Monday if a big restore is even possible. If not, I'm considering putting my site on hold for months or more.
  • 14:23:53: Yes, I am crying on cam. No, there's nothing you can do to help. I was already overwhelmed & depressed before this week. Now? FAR BEYOND.
  • 14:55:40: Members only chat in 5 minutes! Let's talk about *your* problems instead of mine, or books, movies, music.
  • 15:31:16: RT @amberlily: I'm getting off in my Empire Strikes Back Tee Shirt here: #live #webcam #nerdgirl #streamate
  • 16:58:46: If I'm late to my show it's because I restarted my machine 7 minutes ago bit it's still stuck on "starting up" screen.
  • 17:06:02: Looks like the computer I do all my shows & work on is dying or has shit in its pants or something. HILARIOUS!!!!
  • 17:47:45: I had a great orgasm with my big new veiny "uncut lover" vibrating dong & hitachi magic wand during my show. Also kicked over cam twice.
  • 17:50:12: @mcangeli whiskey
  • 17:51:59: We're going to have to take you up on those lovely help offers @chrisorourke & @danaseverance :D Sometime after Thanksgiving or in new year.
  • 17:59:02: So fucking weird & surreal: Everyone Loses Their Shit Over Oprah's Final Favorite Things And bitches have a prob w/PORN?
  • 19:00:41: YOU ARE TOO FUCKING COOL, @chrisorourke !!!!!
  • 19:11:01: I and my life would no doubt be complete disasters without @DeliaTS in it. {{{love you honey - thanks for the french toast & bacon}}} -Macho
  • 20:32:10: Going to try not to do any frantic work tomorrow:
  • 20:33:12: Note to followers who are not members: I'm sorry about the boring & bitchy status updates; I use twitter to communicate with our customers.
  • 21:10:02: RT @ebertchicago: TSA inspection leaves bladder cancer survivor soaked in his own urine. Where did we find these agents?
  • 23:06:55: Mmmm . . . I don't care if it makes me break out in hives; @DeliaTS picked up soft goat cheese & it just makes me swoon!
  • 23:15:29: Official confirmation from craigslist boy; he changed his mind and is NOT comfortable being seen in internet porn. I don't blame him.

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