Saturday, November 20, 2010

From Twitter 11-19-2010

  • 00:05:48: I have the funny feeling that my colon is trying to tell me something, like "you should wait 5 minutes before taking that cleansing bath."
  • 11:29:11: The data recovery people just got the parts today for the drive & are starting work on it. I am extending people's memberships.
  • 11:55:04: Our progress report/updates:
  • 12:04:10: Everything takes me 3 times as long as I thought it would and 25 times longer than people think it should take me. And that stresses me out.
  • 12:10:21: Must interrupt membership extensions to have some breakfast and remind myself that all is well & I can only do what I can.
  • 14:11:23: Uhg. I *hate* - emails to their customers always bounce. Get some gmail or something, guys!
  • 15:13:20: Delia's rocking the webwhore world: while I gather my marbles to record a vlog & do my own camshow at 4 pacific
  • 15:57:45: The MPAA can go fuck themselves: Ryan Gosling Questions Patriarchy-Dominant Society via @jezebel
  • 15:58:41: Police alerted to 'superheroes' patrolling Seattle via @seattlepi
  • 16:00:56: Note/reminder: when I link to interesting or entertaining reads it doesn't necessarily mean I agree with everything in them.
  • 16:03:20: RT @thesexademic: when people glorify the "good old days": The present may be crazy, but ...
  • 16:12:53: Ugh. Our show times are all messed up from daylight savings time. Fixing them now. Mine is at top of hour, @DeliaTS afterwards.
  • 16:18:44: Getting ready for my show: shave, ass-washing, slavering over toys, etc. 4 pacific, here members:
  • 16:19:33: My show starts, from now, in about 43 minutes, @cenouci (@DeliaTS starts an hour after that).
  • 16:40:41: LOL - no, I'm just PREPARING on the spycams, @cenouci
  • 18:35:59: My pelvic area feels congested. I think because I need more orgasms. And maybe to practice squirting. Ugh, what a messy chore.
  • 20:45:05: Ugh. It's episodes like this one that make it impossible to respect Voyager. (Star Trek: Voyager S07E11 via @gomiso)
  • 23:58:48: Need to try to write back to craigslist boy now who is either feeling like I've ignored his thoughtful email last week or is chickening out.
  • 23:59:51: Also, I posted a really pathetic vlog for members. I wanted to scrap it but it was the 3rd try & just needed to post SOMETHING, at least.

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