Thursday, September 30, 2010

From Twitter 09-29-2010

  • 09:59:13: The 1st comment I got on this blog entry made me rethink the whole thing about wanting to fuck 19-yr olds again:
  • 10:02:31: Me in toeless nude pantyhose, @DeliaTS in a red satin nightgown & other recent updates:
  • 10:18:08: We stayed up too late last night watching True Blood. I just want to watch every single moment w/Lafayette over again 3 or 4 or 5 times.
  • 15:24:01: I have a lot of pictures (287) to edit & cull if I want to get this gallery of me in the cabin loft posted tomorrow . . .
  • 15:24:45: Whoah: good luck! RT @audaciaray: Am en route to Fox News to argue about sex work & whether or not sex workers should be able to be teachers
  • 17:48:15: Goddamn it motherfucking Thunderbird! Your new improved bullshit has so fucked up my shit. Didn't want this update! Gnashing teeth.
  • 19:29:52: @wbahner Yes! I accidentally started the "upgrade" when I was toggling between screens. Thanks for letting me know it's possible to go back!
  • 19:31:47: @wbahner Was it hard/a headache?

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