Monday, September 27, 2010

From Twitter 09-26-2010

  • 06:59:51: I think the problem is I don't like crime dramas anymore in general, @amberlily. I want to, but I'm more of a "True Crime"/docudrama lover.
  • 07:01:21: Up so early I caught the deer family busily eating a drizzly breakfast. Been lying in bed for the past 45 minutes unable to quiet my mind.
  • 07:24:57: RT @amberlily: 12seconds - Hey @Captain_TheCat, Mommy needs those panties...
  • 14:04:15: Just home from an amazing wet, misty, foggy, fogHORNY, beach walk.
  • 15:10:52: I really need a special treasured spot to lovingly store my strap-on harnesses & "accessories".
  • 15:42:11: @reynashouse Good idea - sounds like it might work for hosiery, too - hard to keep the stockings, socks, gloves, pantyhose, etc. sorted!
  • 19:14:12: I finally updated ONE of my many pages advertising where to get private shows with me now that I'm on
  • 20:23:52: Someone I like just joined my site. I wonder if I should put on deodorant . . .
  • 20:24:50: I just found a typo on my most recent photo gallery. I must have wanted to type "silliness" but instead it came out "williness".
  • 21:18:04: I fucking can't wait for @DeliaTS to get home so we can watch more Lexx: Rad Laughs!!

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