Saturday, September 18, 2010

From Twitter 09-17-2010

  • 08:24:08: Catching up on @AmberLily via her new blog post (with pics!)
  • 13:12:32: I have to get my hair done today. DREADING it, as usual. torturetorturetorturetorture
  • 14:10:56: Even on I get emails asking, "do u let me to fuck u dear?"
  • 17:06:44: Uhhh . . . it's torture because I *totally cannot relate* to women who think getting their hair done is a pleasure, @emersonsalon .
  • 17:16:58: I will say, though, that I like our stylist enough that the torture level has NOTHING TO DO WITH HER; she makes it as bearable as possible.
  • 20:11:21: Brainstorming shoot ideas. Trying to stay focused on things that are inexpensive and not too cookie cutter.
  • 20:11:44: RT @BambiDollface: RT @reynashouse Telling a girl that you have pirated things off her website or own pirated dvds of her, etc is NOT HOT!
  • 20:33:38: Trying to find the perfect pair of socks to go with an adorable mostly-pink patchwork tubedress I have & should shoot in.
  • 21:52:05: House smells so good because @DeliaTS is baking up a storm for a potluck tomorrow. Quiche and apple crisp.
  • 21:55:03: Goddamn it . . . when I google "gypsy porn" I do NOT want the top image result to be the bloody, mutilated face of a pit bull.
  • 21:56:57: We really need more belly dancer, goth gypsy chicks, swarthy men-with-earrings styles of porn. WISH I WERE RICH. Would make it.
  • 22:34:33: The sound of @DeliaTS beating eggs in the kitchen is very similar to the sound of wanking. With lots of lube.
  • 22:43:40: Hey members: I posted a new vlog (video blog) entry for you!

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