Tuesday, September 14, 2010

From Twitter 09-13-2010

  • 08:52:22: Sometimes using NPR as an alarm means waking up crying when there's a touching story. And it doesn't take much for me to be "touched".
  • 14:03:41: @jizlee You do? I don't. Not AT ALL. I posted a long comment which is pending review.
  • 15:38:45: My pussy is super wet after shooting solo pics & vid of @DeliaTS. Speaking of pussy, we have some beautiful ones roaming our yard.
  • 15:41:29: No collars on these gorgeous siamese-y kitties. Looks like one either just had babies or is about to. Sigh.
  • 17:53:52: My gf is live right now in pink crochet knee high socks: http://deliats.cammodels.com/
  • 18:20:28: RT @chrisorourke: THIS is the correct way to burn a holy book (with copious amounts of cannabis inside)" http://bit.ly/b0XiXG #420 #bible
  • 18:33:41: Editing down a huge set of dorky pictures. My poor-person teeth are FULL of charming (I think, anyway) personality in this one.
  • 18:40:50: Every so often I think about selling my "ugliest" photo outtakes in little packets. They are my favorites/the most me in so many ways.
  • 18:47:20: By removing some of those straining-faces-on-the-toilet pics I've narrowed this set down to 196: bare feet, bush AND shaved!
  • 19:22:49: I'm a never(or rarely)-change-your-avatar girl . . . those are part of your branding and reinforce recognition; counterproductive to change.
  • 19:25:45: Going to give myself a mechanical massage & maybe a nap to try to revive my brain for the mentally-challenging parts of my update.
  • 22:07:39: Celebrated moonday by stretching with a big fat yellow half-moon glowing out the window. My body needed that. STILL needs it, MORE of it!
  • 22:19:16: FUCK that's amazing -- I feel like I'm in a whole new body that is all one whole again. Even a little stretching is life-changing, I swear.
  • 23:02:55: @AaliyahLove69 not really EXACTLY yoga so much; I'm not good/strong/flexible enough for it to flow right for me. Tai chi I love, though.
  • 23:04:10: I also took a couple of anti-inflammatories for my headache, so that might be contributing to my profound sense of well-being, too.
  • 23:10:33: Late night dork cred: I'm *loving* this episode of Star Trek: Voyager http://twurl.nl/spin5o Totally reminiscent of Barclay on Next Gen!

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