Wednesday, September 8, 2010

From Twitter 09-07-2010

  • 08:29:13: RT @melissagira: "if there was no specific area for these chippies, they would be cropping up all over..."
  • 13:01:34: The world is still a shithole in so many ways for women: RT @DesireeAlliance: rape victims subjected to 'finger test'
  • 13:58:48: No foot night for me THIS time (with beach feet pics):
  • 14:02:23: Typing is so much more fun and skippy and fast with SHORT fingernails! It's like, "BAM-BAM-BAM!" my fingers are strong & speedy!!
  • 14:30:18: Made some fast & sloppy fixes/additions to, namely adding a mailing list option.
  • 14:38:05: Hilariously enticing: RT @fireland: Do you like things? Maybe you will like the trailer for my new project, Chokeville:
  • 16:13:43: I just reset our modem, router & main cam machine to speed things up for @DeliaTS while she does shows:
  • 16:14:45: Now? To fix the problem with our new-member introduction form that flaked out when new subscription took over. Sigh.
  • 16:46:02: @nakedhosting! RT @reynashouse: Website owners: who do you host with? Who's reasonably priced & has good tech support that responds quickly?
  • 19:38:02: Gnashed teeth many times today for not having the real camera.
  • 21:09:46: My face is on fire w/ anxious concentration after an hour of doing the bills. Not done yet. Starting work earlier & still working late SUX.
  • 21:29:36: Feeling extremely guilty about eating a whole bunch of bad food (fried food & sugar) & sure that's why I'm stressing out/being a bitch.
  • 22:22:17: Was going to record a members-only vlog but my computer has other ideas - it wants to cockblock you! I think it's telling me "GO TO BED!"

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