Tuesday, September 7, 2010

From Twitter 09-06-2010

  • 08:34:04: Preview of new handjob video I just posted for members: http://trixieandfriends.com/2010/09/long-red-fingernails-nylons-handjob-video
  • 09:06:18: I think it's about time for a vibrator to move into the cabin.
  • 09:27:09: Day 3 at the cabin: http://www.tastytrixie.com/dog/cabin-day-3 (I should be over there right now, actually).
  • 09:35:14: Downloading stuff to my laptop from google docs. Because no internet at the cabin (good/preferable but inconvenient).
  • 09:39:52: Maybe I should put more porn on my laptop too. To go with the vibrator in my backpack.
  • 13:12:58: Just got home from the cabin & some serenity. Looks like @DeliaTS is webwhoring: http://deliats.cammodels.com She's such a "hard" worker!
  • 13:52:58: @Seska Pinnacle Studio: affordable & works well. J's Photographer, Torn & Katvixen use it / recommended it & we're glad because we like it!
  • 14:33:21: Going back to the no-internet hidey hole with more doodley-doos.
  • 15:58:59: Masturbated for the first time in the cabin. Considering my first cabin nap.
  • 20:51:23: I got a little carried away in the bakery aisle at Safeway singing along with "Wouldn't it Be Loverly?" Perfect song for a rainy day!
  • 20:55:28: I know, I get surprisingly theatrical dancing around in grocery stores at night for a person who says she hates musicals.
  • 22:49:09: Enjoyed commentary by Paul Verhoeven on The Hitchhiker and conversation with @AmberLily. Time for sweet showgirly dreams, I think!

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