Thursday, August 26, 2010

From Twitter 08-25-2010

  • 11:03:55: We've got 4 webcam shows plus members-only chat scheduled Friday & Saturday:
  • 12:12:55: Editing flashing-on-the-beach pics, listening to HEARTS OF SPACE, PGM. 0498 VERNAL EQUINOX
  • 15:43:21: Ugh. Sometimes the people you think will have no problem with your porn career are the people you wish you never fucking told.
  • 15:44:56: I think people are comfortable with me only to discover all along they've harbored suspicions, mistrust and stereotypes of me & my porn.
  • 15:55:12: Aaaaand with that, what I was celebrating and excited about has become totally fucking tainted with shame, disappointment, fear and yuck.
  • 16:03:47: OK, all done crying, hurt feelings put aside. Thank you so much for that hug of a tweet, @joepennant ! It was a very good thing to hear.

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