Saturday, August 21, 2010

From Twitter 08-20-2010

  • 11:35:55: Tis better to have yesterday's poop today than to have yesterday's poop tomorrow. I hope I can add today's poop to today, too. Catch up.
  • 11:36:20: Yay! RT @minasmusings: HOLY CRAP JOE IS CANCER-FREE!! Woohoo! Not fully over yet, will still need surgery on the leg, but the worst is OVER!
  • 12:50:22: NIGHTMARE. Have to close my main credit card because of fraud on a big camsite. First time happened to me since year 2000.
  • 15:02:15: Tip: don't log into a camsite as a customer after taking ambien. Pleasant, but potentially confusing and expensive.
  • 16:34:44: Added a thank you message to my I-wanna-be-a-shed-girl post:
  • 16:37:27: Without the cats, @EvilGrins ! Actually we have a local shed-life sub-culture in our town, too. This space is a bit better than shed though.
  • 16:42:45: Yes, but sheds do not HAVE to be rickety, @EvilGrins . Many of them are, but other sheds aspire to greater, sturdier shedness.
  • 18:50:19: Getting ready to shoot some photos and video now that @DeliaTS is done (for now) with camming.
  • 18:52:54: Unfortunate is my swollen zit chin and bloody razor burn, though.
  • 20:35:38: I love the pics @DeliaTS just shot of me. Same damned blue velvet bg & red pumps, but a couple of different/new fetish elements, too.
  • 21:06:34: I *hate* having long nails & taking care of them, but my fingers look really pretty; worth it for that hot handjob video we just shot!
  • 22:37:33: I don't know how @DeliaTS does it; she did camshows for hours, set up everything for shoots, SHOT me (WITH me, even), now making dinner!
  • 23:30:40: I love knowing that once I work five hours tomorrow I can pat myself on the back for putting in forty this week AND taking care of myself.

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