Wednesday, August 18, 2010

From Twitter 08-17-2010

  • 00:09:55: Just told @DeliaTS : "this day would've been a total disaster if you hadn't fucked me earlier." My way of saying THANKS for the BONE!!
  • 10:45:26: Blew a yellow leathery overnight booger out at high velocity but didn't see it in my kleenex. Found it in my hair instead.
  • 11:37:15: I'm feeling inspired by Hot Mama Swingers (with pics):
  • 12:26:54: Voting by mail right now. WA state primaries are SO fucked up, making them more important than ever.
  • 12:47:54: You might be a terrorist if you're wasting gas mowing SHORT DEAD FUCKING GRASS. Fuck your white picket fence brand of patriotic bigotry.
  • 12:58:19: I know, I sound totally bitchy today but I'm actually in a great mood & feeling energetic!
  • 16:49:21: Listening to creepy "Heinrich Von Kleist" while blogging about beetles: on HEARTS OF SPACE PGM 0317 TEUTONIC ELECTRONIC
  • 18:00:23: Once upon a time there was a girl who bred beetles: Includes complimentary boob pics!
  • 18:57:24: Don't you just want to kick yourself when you turn on the wrong stove burner? I cannot do my nerd work AND take care of feeding myself.
  • 19:45:21: Why does food preparation have to involve so many STEPS? It would be simpler to just eat a can of dog food. Or be rich & hire slave cook.
  • 20:28:32: Though I cannot abide the thought of being seen in public right now, I'm going to the store to get something ready-made to eat.
  • 21:42:51: How I know you're a fetid asshole: the way you keep yakking on your phone in the checkout line like the cashier isn't even human.
  • 21:44:07: RT @sophiastjames: Check out this video. It's a blooper from my Clips4Sale recordings! LOL via @youtube
  • 21:46:46: @pierre Yeah, your math is dead wrong. Do you have any clue how many hours teachers work at home? Spend on continuing ed? Supporting kids?
  • 23:10:15: Actually @jennydemilo I don't know any "pros" who would post names & #'s except you for that, unless part of an agreed blackmail role play.
  • 23:13:54: I can't imagine what @jennydemilo would do if her name & number were posted online every time she decided to insult somebody.

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