Saturday, August 7, 2010

From Twitter 08-06-2010

  • 04:25:51: Gah . . . can't sleep.
  • 05:05:12: Accidentally took an ativan in the dark when I mean to get an ambien. So wound up taking both. My head is playing droopsy now and I like it.
  • 13:20:22: Our host @nakedhosting is moving us to a better server: more space & goodies so we can do some new things. Behind the scenes, but important.
  • 15:21:31: I need to eat breakfast and get a few more winks of sleep if we're going to stay up late past the break of dawn camming tonight.
  • 18:12:03: Oh look! @DeliaTS is getting her webwhore on!
  • 19:52:31: I'm way over due to get some exercise. Cardio to commence on cam in a few minutes. No panties. Some sweat?
  • 21:14:33: My GF @DeliaTS is so hot on her pay-to-play cams the boys won't leave her alone so she can MAKE ME DINNER! The trouble with webwhore GFs!
  • 21:15:29: I even just paid to watch her for a minute on and I'm in the same house as her. I'm a wanker. Who wants dinner.
  • 21:31:01: Sometimes I forget that most folks I deal with don't work on the weekend. It's so VERY confusing!
  • 22:51:04: I was going to try to stay up really late & cam at dawn, but I need to succeed at a normal schedule for a few months before I go crazy.

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