Saturday, July 31, 2010

From Twitter 07-30-2010

  • 01:32:02: The only thing I don't like about eating lots of blueberries is that the little tiny seeds make my poop gritty.
  • 10:37:23: I awoke to watch the neighbor's dog shitting in our yard. Guess this "mystery" is solved:
  • 14:03:53: Have you ever noticed how you (almost) never hear the word "rectum" used in porn? And it's only three letters away from the word "erect"!
  • 16:21:23: Heating up leftovers to fuel up for some camming. Less than 3 hours until my group show for members, might do pay-to-play too.
  • 19:36:31: Attempting to build a playlist with a couple of new songs (and ten old ones) for my show at the top of the hour. Computer. so. SLOOOOWohno.
  • 21:40:38: We are doing pay-to-play camming you can spy on as members OR get shows:
  • 21:50:16: OMG -- the cutest boy with the biggest cock and total hyperactivity disorder just displayed himself frenetically on cam for me. SO funny!
  • 22:21:07: I *loved* the show I did for the boob-fan guy who wanted me to moan and display my breasts. BOOBS!
  • 23:05:37: Yum . . . I love Asian boys . . . it's hard for me to put on a show when I mostly just want to WATCH these guys . . .
  • 23:06:27: I'm hungry now though so that's enough camming for tonight . . . @DeliaTS is still doing shows it looks like:
  • 23:31:14: Just posted 56 pics of me in white satin panties playing with a beaver (rabbit-like) style vibrator with a shaved pussy (taken awhile back).

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