Friday, July 23, 2010

From Twitter 07-22-2010

  • 00:10:18: Mentally giving myself 5 silver stars for that bit of cardio followed by stretching by candlelight followed by stretching by moonlight.
  • 01:31:57: Description of Star Trek: Voyager episode "Night" we watched tonight: - definitely one of my faves in this series!
  • 11:40:24: There's nothing more satisfying than having a hearty poop within an hour of waking up. I've succeeded on that front three days in a row.
  • 12:47:39: Just got back from getting a new box of Roastaroma (my fave NO caffeine morning tea) & mind-altering drugs (aka books) from the library.
  • 12:50:43: {shudders} I should NOT be reading this: RT @washingtonpost Passenger describes 'free fall' onboard United jet
  • 15:55:07: Such a cool name for Playboy's new safe-for-work site, but such POOR, tacky, unsophisticated execution:
  • 16:31:46: Prepping to moisten my soft poochy belly with a sheen of sweat doing cardio before shaving 'round the edges of my bush, showering & camming.
  • 16:42:13: Oh lord . . . how do you unfriend/block people on facebook quickly?
  • 18:32:20: I think @DeliaTS is about to log in to do some camming. Members can spy on her or you can buy a show from her:
  • 20:04:08: Today's Portrait in Gluttony: me stuffing huge bowl of noodles down my throat so fast it wadded up/hurt/could barely breathe. Wanted MORE!
  • 20:06:01: RT @Kaibutsu: Please check out my articles. I'm self-promoting & only get paid if people read & comment. Help a brother
  • 20:44:08: I want to hire someone to help clean our house, but feel stymied by confidentiality issues, the spycams, etc.
  • 20:45:18: AWESOME! RT @AaliyahLove69: @tastytrixie my maid always cleaned around my dildos and dusted my webcam with a straight face:)
  • 20:55:55: Okay, I'm getting too late of a start in the "beautifying" department to make it worth shaving & putting on makeup for camming. Tomorrow!

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