Wednesday, July 7, 2010

From Twitter 07-06-2010

  • 01:50:27: Sex is a good, good thing. And so is looking down at your GF's new boobs in the candlelight and PUMPINGahhhh!
  • 13:50:09: Wasted hours chatting on a camsite today for the first time & got suspended, for what I don't know. I hate mainstream sites.
  • 13:59:00: Thanks for the message @monkeystick - yeah, it's ludicrous, the perception people have of webwhores as a bigger threat than anything else.
  • 13:59:07: RT @monkeystick: @tastytrixie is ridiculous, they sell ads over pirated movie/tv streams yet they ban anyone who even remotely ...
  • 14:45:05: Considering a nap.Kind of like hitting my biological reset button.
  • 15:52:19: I love GT's Kombucha but they're lying to act as though the alcohol content isn't noticeable. Unfair to people trying to maintain sobriety.
  • 16:21:48: We have 2 family and 1 friend get-togethers we want to do this month. But that adds up to, like, a week of not working. How to swing it?
  • 16:28:19: It looks like I have a bald spot in my leftern eyebrow but it's actually just a large whitehead of a zit parting the hairs & poking out.
  • 17:31:16: Editing pics of myself. First one was SO CUTE looking at it sideways. Rotated properly, though, I look grinning, mad-dog crazeeee.
  • 22:31:18: RT @spyonus: Want to know where I'm chatting & camming at? I'm TrixieTeases at
  • 23:31:12: Just recorded a vlog that I'm not sure I'll post for members. Feel like I *need* to log into another camsite as long as I have on makeup.

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