Wednesday, June 30, 2010

From Twitter 06-29-2010

  • 08:23:48: I couldn't be more sick & tired of being woken up by neighbor's dogs, yard work, construction and general morning-personness. SHUT UP, FUCK!
  • 10:56:24: I played with so much pussy while I was just dreaming. And masturbated my own hugely distended dream clit on a tabletop. And took vitamins.
  • 11:09:36: Whenever I think my vlogs or porn might be boring, I remind myself that there are women with 10+ min. vids on youtube about liquid eyeliner.
  • 12:01:27: Decided to work on a new gallery for members before trying to post a more uplifting blog entry. But can't I somehow do both? At same time?
  • 14:13:40: Paying the bills without enough money, trying to pretend I'm 10 years old playing a fun game of grown-up with no real consequences.
  • 14:14:47: And it's true, at the heart: nobody's going to die & no children will go hungry if I am overdrawn or late on bills next week.
  • 15:47:35: @greenguy89 It's both a consolation & heartache to know so many people are in the same boat.
  • 16:06:45: A pretty picture from our backyard & note on touch deprivation:
  • 16:11:06: @reynashouse Oh that BITES! Hey, I only caught a little info about your health situation but glad you're on the mend: take care of yourself!
  • 16:40:41: Just realized I used the wrong cam network terminology to distinguish between different shows. Editing members-only blog now.
  • 19:19:56: Very super happy we took a long, brisk walk before it started raining too hard. My entire body, but especially my aching head, needed it.
  • 20:01:52: Just posted a gallery of me taking my tits out in an underground bunker. See a preview & links here:
  • 20:07:47: Man, I think I'm going to have to post some colorful and uplifting porn SOON. Something cheerful and well-lit! Too much grey & black lately.
  • 20:33:18: I'm about to do something hideously unpleasant: clean the bathroom. And then I'm going to take a long, hot bath. In my clean(er) bathroom!
  • 21:10:37: @sweatshopsissy Darling, my toilet is so nasty I wouldn't even let the most submissive & desirous of humiliation touch it. Nice idea tho!

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