Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Life Yesterday, in Posts of 140 Characters or Less

  • 09:18 Woke up to deer in the yard. No cakes on the griddle, though. And no funny FUNNY riddles. #
  • 09:40 My brain & my timer are telling me I need another hour or so of sleep. But first, breakfast with a book to lull me back to darkness. #
  • 11:15 That whole going-back-to-sleep dream didn't come to fruition, so I'm adding more of our videos here: #
  • 12:38 Brewing some Earl Grey, the next best thing to a gin and tonic. #
  • 15:22 I am so glad for my tweeples who love Earl Grey #tea and/or Cap'n Picard: @Bella_Bellucci @roxxiecyber @Ecstatic One #
  • 15:52 Made a long-overdue appointment to bleach my dirty roots. Long. Overdue. DIRTY. Must be bla-ha-HONDEr! #
  • 16:05 Goddamn deer! Even when I go out in my fuzzy pink robe & bark at them (like a dog in a fuzzy pink robe), they continue placidly grazing! #
  • 16:56 I don't know how I feel about a piece of vulva art being labeled "shabby chic". #
  • 17:22 I hate it when I shop for stuff I can't afford and don't need, like anatomically correct dolls. #
  • 18:44 Something cool (to my mind, at least) I just came across: Like secret porn, to me, & what the internet is about. #
  • 19:27 We're all set for the holiday weekend with shitloads of work to do and a stockpile of The Tudors & Star Trek: Voyager dvd's to enjoy. #
  • 19:37 "Teenagers Now Forming Their Own Wolf Packs" This isn't a joke? Man . . . totally a website waiting to happen. #
  • 21:23 @Volfie99 That was the funniest & grimmest part of the video, that typical newscaster's judgmental, condescending chuckle & remarks. #
  • 22:58 I wasted a lot of today uncommitted to working OR t aking real time off, but I'm going to balance it just right tomorrow! #
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