Friday, May 28, 2010

From Twitter 05-27-2010

  • 10:23:09: A wee bit of a free taste of the reverse cowgirl in panties & suspender PHvideo I posted for members last night:
  • 11:57:28: I had caffeine as part of today's breakfast. "Christmas Morning" black tea. So delicious. Whether good or bad decision remains to be seen.
  • 12:19:49: Whoah! Yes, I did just wince and jump a few inches off the toilet seat unloading that giant turd & its little midget brother.
  • 13:00:47: I wish I could find the thread I read recently-ish about best sales days of the week for selling porn.
  • 13:35:16: 4 of 5 stars to The Bedwetter by Sarah Silverman
  • 13:38:15: Good. I'm about even on books read that were written by women (5 of 11) & books read written by men for 2010. I usually read more by men.
  • 13:39:03: Added a link on my blog to long-time friend @JulieFetish blog:
  • 14:35:03: Preview of what @DeliaTS boobs will look like & a flattering story about passing:
  • 15:03:01: Looks awesome! RT @maylingsu: I'm working on my pay-per-view site. Still under construction, but this page is done:
  • 15:05:35: Taking a break for a stretch & some breathing, maybe a quickie with our mechanical shoulder massager (on my neck, for real).
  • 16:00:47: Stretching is the perfect segue from caffeine in the system into caffeine totally worn off. Makes it a gentler transition.
  • 16:01:56: Sometimes when I'm breathing & stretching deeply I make a funny gentle quavering sound like a dog having a bad dream.
  • 16:43:25: Building promo galleries while @DeliaTS gets ready to shoot in a couple of hours. Must shoot her in her bullet bra before she out"grows" it!
  • 17:08:53: I hate when the majority of the poop breaks away from the tiny tail end which is then left behind & stuck inside or sticking partly out.
  • 17:19:16: I find famous people w/ blogs allowing anyone to insult them/post stupid comments to be really, uh, tolerating too much & ruining it for me.
  • 17:28:52: Also, if your porn name is SherryPie (random made-up example) I probably won't recognize you on twitter as XXXchampagnePieChick85. Duh/WTF?!
  • 17:30:44: What I love, @roxxiecyber , is you using the possessive to refer to your brown shower guys! OWN THE CHOCOLATE!! Customers IRL or online?
  • 17:35:19: Rad! @roxxiecyber We will be in SF next month & I may have time on my hands if you have extra boys who'd like to sample my brown wares.
  • 18:01:07: I know it's not healthy (is decidedly UNhealthy), but I'm loving these marionberry muffins from Safeway. There, I admit it.
  • 18:19:11: Sending healing hugs to Joe & @minasmusings - that is down(up?)right inspirational to hear such positivity from Joe in the face of cancer.
  • 18:31:51: I'm going to take a nice, hot, soothing bath before taking naughty pics of @DeliaTS.
  • 21:51:48: OMG -- my pussy is super slimy after shooting a hot set of @DeliaTS in white open-bottom panties, ankle socks & satin bullet bra + ASS TOY!

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