Thursday, May 27, 2010

From Twitter 05-26-2010

  • 08:43:00: Ooogh . . . I've gotta make more room on my hard drive before I can capture the fuck videos we shot last night.
  • 08:54:29: Stood outside in the drizzle sniffing the wet air & listening to rain fall. Then our neighbor's power tools started up. I fucking hate that.
  • 12:50:11: Trying to decide which video to edit and share with members first: both have amateur awkwardness. Reverse Cowgirl or JiggleFuck?
  • 14:42:22: I know this is the last thing I should think ofas beautiful, BUT
  • 16:30:06: @EssinEm People hoovering up freebies in general are way more critical & demanding than people who pay for it.
  • 17:04:16: I think members will enjoy another fucking-in-panties/reverse cowgirl video; have to encode 4 formats/sizes then upload before sharing.
  • 21:29:12: Phew! My new video is ready for members to download and jack off to:

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