Friday, May 14, 2010

From Twitter 05-13-2010

  • 10:32:55: Dear @seattleweekly your take on the bunny killers annoys me only because you insist there's no rational way to object to bestiality laws.
  • 11:11:28: At plastic surgeon no. 2 awaiting consultation. Will be interesting to get 2nd opinion on @DeliaTS boob plans. Wonder who she'll choose?
  • 14:06:05: Phew! So glad we finally ran across a cluster of pho restaurants! Hungry for greasy pork dong & beefy brothy noodles.
  • 16:42:38: Books I WON'T buy my 1 yr old nephew (tho the sushi one was ok).
  • 16:46:14: @seattleweekly You defend the pet rabbit killers, yet encouraged people to make fun of the guy pointing out bestiality laws are redundant.
  • 16:47:36: @seattleweekly Look at your twitter history & cheap drive for page views & you SHOULD see the irrational double standard.
  • 16:50:27: Thanks for asking, @roxxiecyber my blog & ifriends site were born in 2001, established in 2002!
  • 16:52:44: @Bella_Bellucci Yeah! And Doctor #2 is ready to stuff her with 650 cc's on one side, 600 in the other. BIG 'UNS!!!
  • 16:56:59: Note: we didn't contact any of our bay area friends this trip not because we don't like them, but because I'm socially incompetent.
  • 18:20:09: Just shot a hot set of pics and video of @DeliaTS wearing red thigh highs gifted to her by a fan.

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