Saturday, May 1, 2010

From Twitter 04-30-2010

  • 00:04:11: @StripperTweets I always imagined beasts with two backs and other shadowy animalistic fucking shadow puppets at twilight.
  • 06:47:28: One benadryl was not enough to cure my middle-of-the-night itchfest. Soooo sleepy/aggravated!
  • 07:05:35: Going back to bed. I need four or five more hours of good sleep.
  • 12:45:29: Free sample pics/previews from my girlfriend @DeliaTS :
  • 15:03:53: Few things in life compare to the pleasure of reading Jackie Collins on the toilet while taking a firm dump.
  • 16:41:41: Match Point = stylishly full of eye candy but really NOT as great as it's hyped to be.
  • 18:15:40: Trying to view the timesuck of Blogger fucking those of us who use FTP as an OPPORTUNITY rather than an extremely inconvenient fucking.
  • 19:49:44: We're making "meat"ball sandwiches!!! Hot and saucy and slimy with greasy delicious grilled onions!
  • 21:13:12: Yes, blogger, I'm aware that publishing is taking longer than normal. Except that it isn't. So good riddance, I guess.
  • 22:43:23: Tomorrow is a holiday for us so I'm going to try to keep work limited to making sure our spycams are connected for members. Maybe tweeting?

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