Sunday, November 22, 2009

From Twitter 11-21-2009

  • 00:06:49: Feeling proud of myself: I haven't had any refined sugar, candy or corn syrup today. Still ... IF there was a brownie in the house: <scarf>
  • 10:48:14: One guy who promotes my site always picks the most unflattering, double-chinned, chubby-type pics from my galleries. Guess he likes that?
  • 10:52:57: LOL @Kinky_Minx Trust me, I have buttloads of pudgy pics but Ido the opposite & usually don't select those ones to showcase on my blog, etc.
  • 11:38:33: Spent the last hour admiring pics shot of @DeliaTS last night, catching up with blogs, and wishlisting to-do's.
  • 11:42:22: It's fun to have an Italian join my site & know exactly which pics prompted him to join, recognizing they look like a retro Italian film.
  • 12:00:40: Note to self: don't read any comments on any interview or article about @belledejour_uk - DON'T READ THE COMMENTS, TRIXIE! Ugh. Can't STAND!
  • 14:31:07: Just immersed myself in catching up on @seska 's wonderful blog: - sending her and James LD hugs.
  • 15:54:35: My fuck-crazy, sex-deprived thoughts lately:
  • 16:47:48: FYI: I've never fucked in a van before. Maybe that will be number one on the bucket list I haven't made.
  • 16:50:38: Whoah: when did Stephanie remove ? Gnashing my teeth over the loss . . .
  • 20:43:28: RT @DeliaTS: The Tranny Awards for 2009 is now taking nominations. Nominate all you favorite TS/TG performers (hint hint) here: http:// ...
  • 20:46:45: Just shot a set of hairy pics & a hot bush video; before I shave tomorrow I want to capture my fur. Going to do another video now.
  • 21:31:50: - Guess who just had a creamy orgasm?

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