Thursday, November 19, 2009

From Twitter 11-18-2009

  • 01:40:42: Shoot was good. Spending night away from home. Off cam til we return Wednesday. Having jolly time. Glad I took my vitamins. Give love to...
  • 13:25:54: - How can you NOT love walking around Poulsbo?
  • 13:31:31: Listening to woman giving extremely detailed cat care instructions to petsitter over lunch.
  • 15:12:39: SIGH. You'd think you could avoid the piercing tones of 8 yr old girls by seeing a movie at 2 pm but APPARENTLY NOT.
  • 15:15:07: Is itjust me or does Avatar just seem like a really complicated remake of Fern Gully?
  • 18:20:20: Just got home. Working on warming up the house, scanning emails quickly to see if anything POPS out, reconnecting cams, etc.
  • 21:44:49: We have high wind warnings here; lights have been flickering. I know you're sick of hearing it, but it could make our cams go down.
  • 23:01:52: @pg240 Yeah, it's totally wacky how prolonged it's been. I'm really amazed we haven't lost power yet except for the flickers.
  • 23:13:39: Whoah -- sounds like a transformer blew. Lost power momentarily Only have backup power on two machines so I hope the rest of them are okay.
  • 23:15:20: Dear facebook dudes: step 1: take your hand off your dick temporarily. Step 2: go to my site (it's ON the non-nude pics you're looking at!).
  • 23:16:45: (Dear facebook dudes continued) Step 2.5 It's Step 3 JOIN to see me fully nude, using toys, sucking cock, etc.

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