Tuesday, October 27, 2009

From Twitter 10-26-2009

  • 10:50:27: It's raining bats and dogs so I don't think there will be any shoots outside today. We need tips for protecting our camera in the rain.
  • 10:52:40: Looks like a spider bit my leg in a couple of places last night. The itching & my nose whistling woke me up & couldn't fall back to sleep.
  • 12:02:27: It was touch & go for awhile there on whether or not that poop would actually flush.
  • 12:19:37: Going to shoot outside after all; other things we need to do more, but if we wait we'll miss out completely on the autumn leaves.
  • 12:20:50: Awwww -- http://cum2oasis.blogspot.com has me & two of my special friends as Halloween babes!
  • 14:51:08: Yay! Very softcore sweet set shot outside -- super happy about that along with being home with hot soup in crockpot made by @DeliaTS.
  • 15:35:43: Going to light some candles, put on some money perfume oil, reset my machine, download pics, edit pics & keep listing more stuff to do.
  • 15:50:12: Yum -- decided to put on @bpal's Hesperides instead of Horn of Plenty today. Apples!
  • 16:40:50: Pet peeve of the day: people who get all hung up on what are & aren't "true paraphilias". Jesus fuck! Relax your sphincter!
  • 18:37:41: I know I could *really* use some exercise, but actually I just want six helpings of dinner served in bed.
  • 19:13:54: I have a hankering to log in to do some private camming while my cunt is still hairy. Hairy blonde booby MILF (type) could be $$.
  • 20:07:41: Whenever a door closes, a window slams down on your fingers too just to make the pain that much more excruciating. Hi unexpected bill!
  • 20:46:46: Sigh. Total waste of time -- my old fave camsite appears to be unworkable for me in modern times.
  • 22:43:24: OMG there are so many things about So You Think You Can Dance that are worth celebrating. Shitty things, too, but it's almost worth it.
  • 22:54:49: Is it so wrong that I want to fry up some french toast? I want to see that congealed bacon fat melt like butter in a hot pan then DROP!
  • 22:56:01: I washed some dildos in a black heart-shaped bucket tonight: after soaking off dried cum, the water looked a little like egg drop soup.
  • 23:49:31: We were going to get in bed & read, but I'm picking out promo pics for more @DeliaTS galleries.

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