Monday, October 19, 2009

From Twitter 10-18-2009

  • 10:30:33: I've got a show in 90 minutes / at noon pacific time. Members go here:
  • 11:22:42: Need to do a little virus cleanup before my show. On my computer, that is. WebWhoreHQ cam will be down until showtime-ish.
  • 13:04:18: I got off so fucking hard on the smell of my hairy cunt during my show. Totally fucking intoxicated by that hot bush scent.
  • 14:03:03: New blog entry about My Hot, Intoxicating Bush:
  • 14:26:16: Cramps are setting in; I'm going to chat in 30 minutes from bed so check out MoreBed and/or NightVision cam in members-only chat then.
  • 17:45:30: Just shot a set of pics for -- why, I don't know, since I don't have time to pay attention to that site.
  • 17:48:36: It felt SO GOOD to put on one of my favorite wiggle dresses and be able to EASILY zip it up. I could get used to that feeling.
  • 18:17:21: I can't think of anything I really want to eat right now. Except a bloody fucking steak & some hash browns. Not an option right now.
  • 22:33:20: Fuck yeah . . . I've got my Madame Medusa look going ON in some of the pics we shot tonight!
  • 23:13:22: A couple of pics from the set we shot today with me wearing a maxi pad in sheer white panties:

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