Monday, August 24, 2009

From Twitter 08-23-2009

  • 09:25:28: Woke to discover lost main net connection at some point overnight. Back up now. Other cams will be back up soon with the fam leaves.
  • 10:02:11: It's amazing that even with three people taking care of only two kids, it's still a big challenge. Even with one being an expert!
  • 10:04:03: I better go poop right now while there's a semi-dull moment and enough time to thoroughly wipe myself.
  • 10:23:15: Count yourself lucky, voyeurs, if you caught my sis on cam just now as I asked if she wants to review sex toys we don't want.
  • 10:24:40: To the Scandinavian dude who just signed up as our affiliate: there's no such place as South Carolina, Sweden.
  • 11:04:31: @glamourimages Thanks for asking; soon I hope! 1st we need to finish/launch & redo my free area; probably be at least 2 weeks.
  • 12:52:37: I just wrote a blog entry about the fun we had this weekend:
  • 15:11:21: I have a mild sunburn. A beautiful, beautiful sunburn. FUCK those skin-cancer/wrinkle-scare commercials.
  • 15:49:05: @reptilegrrl Yeah, but so are Vitamin D deficiencies that lead to stuff like MS. Everything in moderation; a little sun is worth the risk.
  • 15:50:42: My grandpa had skin cancer on his nose, btw & I know I have the skin/genes to be high risk so I *do* pay attention to it/don't go sun crazy.
  • 15:54:02: Just had a very romantic, yet practical, discussion with @DeliaTS. Brain is whirling.
  • 19:44:47: Did some masturbating & called my wanker (only a LITTLE overlap there, btw). Now I feel like going to sleep. Sunburns make me tired.

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